wallpaper stars pink 136452

Have you ever seen anything more adorable? This sweet wallpaper with stars in pink brings a warm, cheerful and lively atmosphere to the room. Let your imagination and that of your little girl run free and create a fantastic girl’s room to dream away and to play in. The wallpaper print is printed on a high-quality and environmentally friendly, FSC® certified non-woven wallpaper. The wallpaper is produced in a sustainable way and the inks used in the manufacturing process are water-based and solvent free. This wallpaper is perfect for decorating a girl's room, baby´s room / nursery or children's room. Non-woven wallpaper is very easy to hang. Paste the wall with wallpaper glue and apply the wallpaper to the wall. You don’t need a pasting table, because you can hang the wallpaper dry straight from the roll. The wallpaper is also easy to remove, even after many years. You will find this wallpaper with stars in pink (136452) the collections Regatta Crew and Everybody Bonjour.


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    wallpaper stars pink
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