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Jungle wallpaper

Transform your home into an exotic hideaway with our amazing jungle wallpaper selection. Tropical landscapes, elegant flamingos and colorful flowers will bring your walls to life and take you to exotic destinations. Discover our beautiful selection of jungle wallpaper designs and be inspired!



wall wonders

Wall Wonders

Give your interior a mini-makeover with the self-adhesive wall murals from our collection Wall Wonders. With these beautiful designs you can create unique eye-catching walls in an instant. From tropical palm trees and romantic roses up to elegant cranes and cute kids designs: discover all the beautiful prints update your home!

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ESTAhome - wallpapers that sparkle your creativity

We are passionate about beautiful wallpapers! In our wide range of amazing wallpapers and murals you'll always find your perfect wallcovering. Whether you're looking for a simple chic Scandinavian style wallpaper in soothing colours to brighten up your room, a concrete effect wallpaper to create an industrial look or a tropical print to turn your home into an urban jungle - we have you covered. Discover our stylish ESTAhome wallpaper collections and be inspired!


All ESTAhome wallpapers are designed in-house by our dedicated team of designers and fabricated in our traditional craft factory in the Netherlands with attention to detail and great craftsmanship. The total manufacturing process meets the highest standars for ecologically responsible production: only paper from sustainable foresty and environmentally friendly solvent-free inks are used for the production of our wallpapers.