How do I make the best combinations?

Get the most out of your home with these handy tips from ESTAhome.nl. Some fun and simple facts to give your home that little bit extra!


Make walls different to create a spacious room

When you increase the contrast between walls in a room, the room will appear bigger. You can do this very easily by combining light and dark colours. Also, the combination of bold and calm patterns can create this effect.


What do I hang where?

You create the most natural and harmonious effect when you hang the boldest/darkest wallpaper on the wall that catches most light.

 wood wallpaper ESTAhome.nl stripe effect



With stripes you can create many different effects in your home interior:

When you paste wallpaper with stripes vertical, the room will seem higher.

When you paste wallpaper with stripes horizontal, the room will seem wider.

Wallpaper with stripes is available in many shapes, colours and styles.

Tip: You can also use different types of plain wallpaper to create a bold striped wall. Alternately hang a strip uni wallpaper on the wall. Use different colours to maximize the effect.


Equal = not equal

Light may be reflected differently by different materials. Therefore the same wallpaper can look completely different on one wall, compared to another wall in the same space. In addition, there can be hue differences between different wallpaper productions. A light blue wallpaper with star from ESTAhome.nl can therefore still (slightly) differ in colour with the same light blue colour on a plain wallpaper from ESTAhome.nl. In practice, you will always see a hue difference and this can be very disturbing. Therefore when you want to combine different wallpapers in one room, our advice is to choose wallpaper from which the difference in colour is clearly visible.