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Order information

What are the freight costs?
We deliver free of charge in the Netherlands and Belgium.

For deliveries outside the Netherlands other freight costs apply. Click here for the actual shipping charges.

Do all prices include VAT?
All prices are inclusive of VAT and excluding freight costs.
How can I pay?

You can pay your online order by PayPal, Creditcard (Mastercard, Visa and eMaestro), SOFORT and Bancontact/Mister Cash.
You can also pay by bank transfer to our bank account at the Rabobank at account number NL49RABO0385964986 in name of the Design Department BV with reference of your order number. As soon as your payment is received your order will be dispatched.

For more information, check out all payment options.

What is the delivery time?
If your order is in stock we will dispatch your order as soon as your payment is received. Click here for the actual delivery times per country.

I am not satisfied with a product, can I exchange it?
If you are not satisfied or if the product does not meet your expectations, simply send it back. No questions are asked. You will get a refund for the value of the merchandise returned using the bank account from which you have paid. The returned product(s) must be in the original packaging and be properly packed before dispatch. We cannot take back products that are used, not in their original condition or damaged.

* Curtain fabrics are cut to size on your request and therefore cannot be taken back.

 FAQ ESTAhome.nl wallpaper


Information about ESTAhome.nl wallpaper


What is the quality of ESTAhome.nl  wallpaper?

Our paper wallpaper is made of 100% environmentally friendly FSC paper.

ESTAhome.nl non-woven wallpaper is very high quality non-woven wallpaper. Non-woven wallpaper is very strong because of which it almost never tears.

Can I clean the wallpaper?

Paper wallpaper cannot be cleaned.

Non-woven wallpaper can be cleaned with a damp cloth.


How do I apply ESTAhome.nl wallpaper to my wall?


Paper wallpaper

  • 1. Cut the strips at the right length and take an extra margin of 5 to 10 cm. For pattern wallpaper you first match the strips exactly and then cut the strips.
  • 2. Glue the wallpaper.
  • 3. Put the wallpaper with the back side up at the edge of the table and the next strip at the other edge.
  • 4. Paste each strip, start in the middle and make sure not to forget the sides.
  • 5. Fold both sides of the strip to the middle and roll it up. Wait 3 to 5 minutes, depending on the type of wallpaper, before hanging. (Follow the instructions on the label of the roll).
  • 6. Leave the bottom part of the strip folded. Hold the strip with both hands and attach it, with a small overlap to the ceiling, against the wall by gently rubbing it with a wallpaper brush. If this is not done gently enough the paper will be stretched too much and this will result in open seams with an ugly end result. Glue residue on the front of the wallpaper should be removed immediately with a damp sponge. A wallpaper roller for the edges is only used for smooth paper or vinyl.
  • 7. Cut the wallpaper at the bottom by holding a wallpaper spatula against the shoe mould and cut the wallpaper alongside with a snap-of blade knife. (Break the knife after 4 cuts maximum).


For more information about hanging wallpaper read the hanging instructions.


Non-woven wallpaper

  • 1. Glue the walls with wallpaper adhesive for non-woven wallpaper.
  • 2. Apply the wallpaper directly to the wall. You can cut the strips to size first or apply the wallpaper from the roll.
  • 3. Use a brush or a wallpaper roller to attach the wallpaper to the wall.
  • 4. Cut the wallpaper on the top and bottom to the proper length.


For more information about hanging non-woven wallpaper read the hanging instructions.

 wallpaper rolls ESTAhome.nl


What does the batchnumber on the roll mean?

The batchnumber on the roll is the production number of the wallpaper. When you need several rolls for a wall it is recommended to use wallpaper from the same batch. This is to avoid minor colour differences between the rolls.


Is your question not listed? Or can't find a clear answer? Please feel free to contact us via hello@estahome.nl or call us at 074-24 54 208.