self-adhesive round wall mural still life of flowers dark red and black 158990

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  • dimensions
    70 x 70 cm
  • safe plasticizer-free non-woven wallpaper
    safe plasticizer-free non-woven wallpaper
  • lightfastness: very good resistance to light

    Eventually discolors everything under the influence of sunlight! The lightfastness is a measure of the extent and rate of discoloration.
    Normal light stability: The product contains no special protection against the influence of sunlight. It will therefore discolour over time. The rate of discoloration is dependent on many factors, such as the amount of light in the room and the chosen color wallpaper. Because this is a smooth, continuous process, this will normally not be disturbing. The color difference will be noticeable when moving a painting or cabinet after some time.

    very good resistance to light
  • treatment: washable

    You can make small marks on the wallpaper carefully remove with a damp soft cloth (possibly with a little mild soap, such as green soap)

This beautiful wallpaper circle with a still life of flowers in dark red and black adds a lively atmosphere to the room and is perfect to add a distinctive touch to your home.

This wallpaper is perfect for decorating a living room or bedroom.

Wall stickers are very easy to apply. Choose the place where you want to apply the wall sticker. Make sure the surface is flat and free of grease for the best adhesion.

Simply remove the foil from the back so that the adhesive layer is released. The largest wall stickers are delivered in parts, to make sticking easier.

After you have applied the wall sticker, you can move it a bit. After a few hours it is really tight.

You will find this wallpaper with a still life of flowers in dark red and black (158990) in the collection Wall Wonders.

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