Snap like a pro: Secrets to taking amazing interior photos


Did you just give your walls a stunning makeover? Now it's time to capture and share it! Wondering how to take the perfect photo? It's simpler than you think! We've rounded up seven straightforward tips you can start using immediately. Whether you're new to photography or already have some skills, these tips will take your photos to the next level.


1. Capture in natural light

Daylight is your best friend! The optimal time to take photos is in the morning or late afternoon. The sun isn't as harsh during these times, resulting in a soft lighting effect without strong shadows. Avoid using lamps, as they can add unwanted color casts to your photos.

taking a picture of the wallpaper


2. Less is more

An overly busy photo can appear cluttered. Sometimes, a crowded image can obscure the focal point. Remove distracting elements to keep the focus on the subject (the wallpaper or the painted wall).

taking a picture of the wallpaper


3. Grid your shot

Ensure your subject is perfectly aligned using a grid. Most phone cameras offer this feature. Can't find it on your camera screen? Check the general settings under camera settings. Here, you can toggle the grid on or off to keep your subject straight and centered.

taking a picture of the wallpaper


4. Adjust the lighting

We've already covered daylight, but getting the right exposure is also crucial for a great photo. Direct sunlight can overexpose your shot, while backlighting might darken it. You can adjust exposure by tapping on your screen. A square with a sun icon and a slider will appear. Move the sun icon up for more light in your photo or down to darken it, achieving the perfect balance.

taking a picture of the wallpaper


5. Avoid digital zoom

If you want to get closer to your photo subject, try to physically move closer rather than using digital zoom (pinching the screen to zoom in). Digital zoom can degrade photo quality by reducing pixel density and sharpness. It enlarges the image artificially rather than actually zooming in optically. Instead, use optical zoom if available, which maintains image quality while bringing your subject closer.

taking a picture of the wallpaper


6. Use a tripod

If you're photographing in low-light conditions, a tripod can be a handy tool. When there's limited light, your camera sensor needs more time to capture enough light for a sharp photo. Keeping your camera steady for an extended period is crucial. A tripod helps with this stability, ensuring your photos remain crisp and clear even in challenging lighting situations.

taking a picture of the wallpaper


7. Practice makes perfect

Practice makes perfect, as they say! Continuously practicing is the key to improving your skills. Always take multiple photos from various angles and then select the strongest image. This way, you'll refine your photography skills and capture the best possible shot.

taking a picture of the wallpaper


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