wallpaper horizontal stripe black 115615

This elegant, eye-catching wallpaper with horizontal stripes in black is perfect for creating a feature wall in a modern-classic interior and adds a warm and serene atmosphere to your room.

This wallpaper print is printed on an environmentally friendly, durable and FSC® certified paper wallpaper. In addition, all used paints and inks are water-based and solvent-free.

This wallpaper is perfect for decorating a bedroom, living room or teenage bedroom.

This wallpaper is easy to hang: Measure the height of your wall, add 10 cm (5 cm top and bottom) and cut your first length of wallpaper. Paste the back of the wallpaper with wallpaper glue and let the paper rest for a few minutes. Apply the length to the wall, letting a little bit of the wallpaper overlap the ceiling and adjoining wall. Smooth the wallpaper length into place and trim the excess paper along the ceiling and baseboard with a sharp razor knife.

You will find this wallpaper with horizontal stripes in black (115615) the collection Sports League.


  • 115615
    wallpaper horizontal stripe black
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    wallpaper sports cars brown